Our expertise is focused on improving your supply chain performance.

We do this by working with your business team to identify inefficiencies in current processes and propose cost-effective alternatives. By improving your supply chain, we generate better results for your bottom line. We offer a wide range of services that work together to ensure that you receive the best experience every step of the way.


Our private rail yard in southern Illinois, sitting at a key intersection of several railroads and interstate highways, marks the perfect point to transfer your shipment from one mode of transportation to another. With over 10,000 feet of track on 55 acres, Milano Railway has safely and efficiently transloaded numerous commodities, including crane mats, coalmine conveyor belting, building material, railroad ties, and steel coils.


Located in the center of southern Illinois, Milano Railway has the advantage of being served by four of the largest railroads in North America: UP, BNSF, NS, and CSX. Our site’s central location can accommodate a wide range of customers and car types. We have over 10,000 feet of track on-site to handle your short-term and long-term rail car storage needs. Using our dedicated switch engine, we can easily move cars in and out of the facility. We offer flexible rate packages to fit your individual needs.


Milano Railway is committed to safety, quality, and reliability. We uphold these values in every aspect of our business, including our trucking services. Our vehicle fleet includes five trucks, flatbeds, van trailers, high-sided trailers, and roll-off trailers, all ready to transport a variety of materials at competitive prices.

Laydown Yard

Our facility includes a secure and well-organized pipe laydown yard. Industrial construction projects can be challenged by the storage and handling of large quantities of fabricated materials. Milano Railway’s facility is 55 acres, which ensures that you’ll have access to the right asset when needed. The property is served by 4 Class I railroads: UP, BNSF, NS, CSX and has nearby access to interstates 57 and 64.


Shipping isn’t always as simple as getting product from Point A to Point B. Our team of experienced specialists will make sure that your product finds the safest, most efficient path to its destination.

Our Affiliates

Milano’s services are strengthened by our bonds with MARS (Midwest Association of Rail Shippers), TDANA (Transload Distribution of North America), RTA (Railway Tie Association) and IOGA (Illinois Oil & Gas Association). Our affiliation with these organizations allows Milano to access valuable information and resources that helps us offer our customers the best service possible.