Mt. Vernon, IL — An agreement has been reached for Park Plaza, the dilapidated retail center at 10th Street and Casey Street, to be purchased from the City by Milano Railway Logistics for $675,000. Milano’s plan for the property will transform blight, create jobs and bring tax benefits to the region. The 50-year-old Park Plaza has suffered from roof leaks, partial collapse and long-deferred maintenance, rendering the buildings functionally and economically obsolete. It was determined that the best use for the property is demolition and re-development, and Milano‘s expansion of its existing freight rail business adjacent to the site creates the perfect opportunity.

Milano Rail will convert the center to a transloading facility and warehouse, consistent with the industrial uses of other businesses in the immediate area. Transloading facilities give local companies rail access to distant markets and help manufacturers and bulk shippers arrange the optimal logistics for their particular freight requirements.

Typical products moved and stored will include construction materials, gravel, cement, pipe, seed, grain, fertilizer, propane, lumber, plastic and more.  This location, just outside downtown Mt. Vernon, gives  Milano a distinct advantage for customers in the form of access to three intersecting railroads. Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern and Evans Western converge at Milano Railway Logistics, providing the most flexible and cost-effective rail transportation available.  In addition, the city and Milano have agreed to review and update truck routes to the complex for both inbound and outbound truck traffic.

As part of the agreement, City officials agreed to re-locate the Post Office to a more convenient location and modern facility. Milano has committed to retaining 25 jobs, adding at least 8 new jobs and incrementally growing the city’s tax revenue base.